Saturday, November 22, 2008

David Levine

David Levine's caricature of George Soros for the New York Review of Books from 2006 showing signs of his visual difficulties.

I have read the very sad news that wonderful David Levine has put an end to his drawing career due to blindness caused by macular degeneration. It is a real tragedy for the world of art. For over fifty years this genius of caricature has regaled us with his witty and beautiful work on weekly basis. I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Levine for all the marvelous work he has created over the years.

Richard M. Nixon by David Levine from the 70's


Anonymous ed said...

grandioso levine!
(y qué bueno parece lo nuevo de mckean, no?)

5:40 pm  
Blogger Oscar Grillo said...

Entendiste que no dibuja mas porque se quedo ciego, no?...Mañana se cae por casa tu joven amiguito Julian.

5:42 pm  
Blogger juan zlux said...

Y aun cuando se estaba quedando ciego seguía siendo magnífico !!
Fuera de serie...

8:43 pm  
Blogger Matt J said...

Terrible news-there are some interesting shots of him at the LIFE magazine photo archive.

11:36 pm  
Blogger juan zlux said...

Una gran injusticia, que recuerda (aunque el caso es diferente) lo que le pasó al Negro Fontanarrosa.

8:49 pm  
Anonymous ed said...

no leí lo de la ceguera, no...
en serio? es tristísimo eso... pero... no es miopía?

(sé que manu tiene unos souvenirs para maxi et moi, espero verlo esta semana!)

12:58 pm  
Blogger Oscar Grillo said...

Ceguera nomas. No te van a hacer perder el aliento los souvenirs. No esperes demasiado. Abrazos, Ed.

2:33 pm  
Blogger Elliot Cowan said...

7:21 pm  

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