Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"N- Le Grand Minuscule"

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"N-Le Grand Minuscule. Voyageur en chemin de faire" is my favourite film of all times. Was made in France by "Valzur Darelle" (?) sometime in the nineteen eighties.
It seems to have been shot in 16mm or possibly Super-8 and a video copy was given to a friend of mine in an animation film festival.
The original version is in colour and black and white but my copy, alas, is only in black and white.
It's impossible to describe what this film is all about. Possibly it is about the stealing of colour by some dastardly masked despot aided by Nosferatu and the travails of a bespectacled hero ("N"?) to recover it. Maybe, who knows?
This film is acted by humans in masks but they often turn into little pixillated dolls.
It is done mainly in live action but also uses traditional animation (a shitting cow), pixilation, paintings, cut-outs, stop motion, special effects, models, etc.
The film is TWO HOURS long and is exhilarating. It has a hypnotic quality that makes it irresistible.
The soundtrack (in French) is spoken only by "Valzur" who talks in a myriad of accents and voices, singing and "mouthing" sound effects, coughing and gargling and is musically enhanced by the playing of toy instruments.
Though this film is incomparable, it can be put in the same line as films by Buñuel, Cocteau, Ed Wood, The Kuchar Brothers, Kenneth Anger and Armando Bó.
I've seen this masterpiece dozens of times and intend to continue watching it. It is enormously enjoyable and life enhancing.
I'll post more screen captures soon.
If anybody out there knows something about Monsieur "Valzur Darelle", please let me know.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Asta Nielsen Dancing in 1910

Friday, September 11, 2009


In New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art they had this Velazquez in
storage and hadn't noticed. Blind or what?